Simple Miracles

Simple Miracles

Reposted from June 2012.

I have been thinking hard the last few weeks about this blog entry.  I greatly dislike blogging—I love reading other people’s blogs, hearing their insights, thoughts, and dreams, but when it comes to my blog I always just feel like it is so…blahhhhh…The format isn’t that cute (because I am really not good on computers), my words don’t seem profound or all that different from millions of things that have been said before, it really  just comes down to the fact that I don’t feel up to par in the blogosphere world.

For those of you who know me, you know that I don’t like doing things unless I can do them well, be the best, have a result of awesomeness, make something incredible…but today I was reminded, in such huge and tangible way, that some of the most incredible things in my life are the little things (cliché, I know, but so extremely true), the unexpected things, the things that sneak in and put everything else in perspective.

Things like this…

The last few weeks have been a little discouraging with fundraising.  I continue to feel slightly stuck in regards to monthly giving, and am not really sure where to go from here-who else to reach out to, how to go about it.  It is a little bit of a roller coaster—some days I feel confident that everything will happen on God’s time, and there are a lot of days (most days lately) that I just wonder if it will ever happen, if I will ever get to Costa Rica.  I have been trying not to bring up these feelings and discouragements with my friends and community members unless they ask directly, because I feel like I end up saying the same thing, with the same less than perfect attitude, and I end up feeling more discouraged.

With all this going on in my mind, I was walking to my car this morning when my 7 year old neighbor leaned out of his door and yelled “MacKenzie wait! I have something to give you!”  He is a super creative kid and I was expecting a craft of some type (I have received awesome duck tape wallets, tissue flowers, etc from him before) or maybe one of his mom’s delicious muffins.  He ran down the stairs and skipped up to me.  He held out his hand to reveal 20 dimes.  “Here you go!” he said with a big smile, “It’s two dollars, to help you for Costa Rica.”

Wow.  Of all of the donations that I have received, some which have been generous beyond description, this one absolutely took my breath away.  I haven’t talked to my young neighbor about me going to Costa Rica in over a month, and yet today, when I was feeling so down, God used this amazing little boy to help check me, to put everything in perspective.

I will get to Costa Rica.  And when I do, I will give everything I’ve got to love God and love people and enjoy my adventure.  But until God makes that happen, I’ve got to love God and love people and enjoy my adventure here. And not get discouraged.  And one way I can do that is by recognizing the amazing blessings that are in the simple miracles God makes happen in my life.  Like the miracle of my 7 year old neighbor and his huge heart and perfect timing.

So my blog might not be the best or the prettiest (maybe you didn’t even read this far because you were so unimpressed), and I might not be in Costa Rica yet (or even for awhile longer), and fundraising still seems to be at a standstill (for who knows how long), but today I am happy.  I am so happy, so grateful, so humbled, to serve a God who lavishes blessings on me through the simple things and who loves me enough to be mindful of my smallest needs.


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